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January 19, 2018
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February 19, 2018

EMVO publishes onboarding deadlines – this must be complete by June 2018

The EMVO – European Medicines Verification Organisation – have announced the final date for on-boarding to the European Hub as the end of June 2018.

This is just over five months away with the estimated time-frame to complete onboarding as six months. While late on-boarding maybe an option, although this is not guaranteed, completion after this date poses an immense risk to a company’s business.

If you are a CMO who needs to on-board or need to onboard a partner within your supply chain you need to begin the process immediately. Time is running out to on-board successfully if you haven’t started the process.

The contractual and technical information and expertise needed from a company is immense. It is not something that can be quickly undertaken. The EMVO have pledged to maintain a high service level and allow companies sufficient time to on-board successfully. However, those needing to on-board must be aware of their responsibilities.

Read the official announcement in full: EMVO Letter of Announcement

We can help you on-board in time and at a reduced cost

The EMVO are offering a discount on fees for those companies that complete steps 1.1 to 2.4 of the onboarding process before the 15 June 2018:

early bird on-boarding fees

The EMVO on-boarding process provides companies with the tools they need to start their own technical integration. It leaves the onus on the company to develop this technical integration for automatic posting of serialized data.

Companies need to be aware of how much the onus is on them to on-board and the complexities involved in this process.

We have been working closely with the EMVO. Our relationship with them means we have extensive knowledge of the systems you need to know to get on-board. And we’ve turned that knowledge into a specialized passport that will prepare you in full.

Christoph Krahenbuhl

Email for the details you need to save yourself money and give you peace of mind that you will onboard successfully.

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