The EU-FMD deadline is fast approaching, Prepare for it. Today. Now.
July 24, 2018
Excellis Europe produces a guide to EU-FMD Compliance
November 14, 2018

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

We are proud to announce we are winners of ‘Best Pharmaceutical Serialization Consultancy’ for the third year running

GHP have announced its winners of the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018 and we are proud to announce that Excellis Europe Health Solutions have won the ‘Best Pharmaceutical Serialization Consultancy 2018 ’.

Award on the merit of our serialization expertise

This award was voted for by GHP’s global readers, in over 163 countries with an independent panel of judges reviewing these votes to choose the winners, focusing strongly on the complexity and strategic significance of work conducted. They aim to provide their readership with a comprehensive understanding of those firms that are true leaders within their chosen areas of pharma specialisation.

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards continue to demonstrate dedication in vital industries, with awards given solely on merit, there is a clear distinction between competitors and chosen winners.

The awards concentrate on the pharmaceutical, care and health industry. GHP is a global information sharing platform and a multi-disciplinary members community that works to increase communication networks across all themes and disciplines within three main categories; Human, Animal and Environmental Health.


Draw on our award-winning expertise and check the health of your serialization

Excellis Europe Health Solutions are thrilled to be presented this award, as it represents our continued high level of support for our customers and the expertise we bring to our clients.

The serialization deadline is now less than 6 months away. Our pharma consultancy and tools including our Serialization Health Check which allows you to evaluate your position in your journey to compliance, as well as your CMOs and 3PLs programme, will help you reach compliance in time.

We combine our shared experience with specialist knowledge of all major traceability requirements, understand your position within the pharma supply chain by speaking to the industry experts.

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