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December 21, 2017
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January 19, 2018

Time is critical but there is still time to serialize. Start the clock at GTT Europe

The EU-FMD deadlines are getting closer each day and your company is at risk if you do not implement serialization. Time is critical but 3C Excellis can assure you there is still time – if you have the right answers.

We facilitate GTT Europe, a bespoke roundtable event held on the 22nd February in Paris. This free event will bring together experts, such as ourselves, in serialization as well as your peers within the industry to discuss regulatory hot topics.

Ask the right serialization questions for success

This is a unique “listen and learn” event where individual companies share their serialization experience as well as the right questions to ask for success.

At this stage in the run-up to the EU-FMD deadline there is no time for the wrong approach. There is time to implement a successful serialization solution but you need to ask the right questions and start with the right approach now. GTT Europe is a catalyst for this success as it brings together companies of different sizes from all corners of the industry who are making or have made the implementation journey and have the right answers.

Combine this with the expert knowledge of 3C Excellis – the leading specialised pharma consultancy in the World – and the reasons to attend this free event are clear. This free event will deliver exclusive – and honest – insight not available at other conferences. The discussion will not be sanitized for your protection but will cover all the necessary details for success, warts and all.

Why should you believe these claims? Because we are the experts in Europe working with key European organisations such as the EMVO. We have the proven track record that will get you past the finishing post in time.

Registration details:

What: Roundtable discussion
When: 22nd February
Where: Paris
Cost: FREE
Registration: visit the GTT Europe event site to register for free



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